Through The Healing Power of

Your own Voice in Meditation

Welcome to The Healing Power of Voice, I'am Gabriela Glaus, Swiss Singer, Songwriter, Performer and Master of the Healing Power of Voice and Meditation.

Are you looking to find some peace of mind, ease, deep inner calm, harmony and something you can hold on, stability in this intensiv times, to overcome anxiety too ?


With The Healing Power of Voice I will help you to experience all this and much more. Due to the work with the voice, the vibrations of the sound will also bring all your cells in harmony as well as your hemispheres in the brain. There is no prior knowledge required to attend the classes.

  • The Healing Power of Voice Lessons will guide you to dive into a more subtle perception of yourself and life as you know it.

  • Through the guided Online Classes you will lern and experience the deeper essence of The Healing Power of Voice, that will give you a deeper understanding of life and connection with all of nature and all that is. 

In it's essence The Healing Power of Voice is an invitation for you to experience a deep Inner Connection to Source, a transcendent journey where you can find to your Innermost Core.

I'm looking forward seeing you in the next class online on ZOOM.


Weekly Live Events Online



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